Wanting to be remembered

I want to be remembered. If I could take my pick I’d like to be remembered for something good I did for this world. To know that I made a change, a good change. And I can understand that this particular desire of mine may be a bit of a reach, because how many people really make a big difference in our world, but I at least want to try.

I’m not a very naive person, sometimes I can even come across a bit sceptical. But I want to, and am trying to believe in things like learning experiences from bad moments, the idea of being open and the particular subject of this post:  the possibly of having an impact. Because something I do believe in is believing in yourself. And I understand that this sentence may sound a bit strange but what I’m trying to say is that you can only reach your goals and dreams if you believe in them yourselves. You need hard work, persistence and belief in yourself to get there and I want to encourage this in the people reading this blog.

And yes, I know that not that many people do, but for those who do I hope I have somewhat of an impact, even if it’s just for a short moment. I want people to realize they have the possibility of becoming something, to give them some hope, in a world that sometimes can kind of squish that feeling. And I would never want that for anybody.

But back to the subject of this post, being remembered. Because right now I’m talking about a real big impact, like on a wide scale. But off course this isn’t kind of impact for everybody and maybe not even the most important. Because as a person you have a major impact on the people around you. If I look at my friends for example. I can see a way every one of them has changed, impacted or inspired me. Because of things I went trough with or sometimes even because of them I grew as a person and I love this. It’s something very important in life, because in the end, people change people.

So I just want you to remember. You have an impact, some maybe in a major worldwide way and some in a more small-scale way like in a friend group. Because both are important and I don’t think anybody deserves to feel like they don’t have that or that they will be forgotten. Because they won’t.


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