ESC: connected through music

So today, on Saturday the 13th of May, it’s time for the Eurovision Final. And while I’ve got to say I’m not the biggest fan of most of the songs and artist featured on this show I do kind of like the idea behind it.

Let me get into the idea of Eurovision first, for the people who have never heard of it. You see, the Eurovision Song Contest (or ESC for short) is a contest held primarily between the European countries where every country submits an original song to be performed. They then perform these songs in the semi-finals after which the top artists go through to the finals. The winner is chosen by a jury and the public-vote  of all these countries (you cannot vote for your own country).

The performances on this show are almost always very extravagant and with a lot of dancers, lights and extra’s. This is something that I don’t particularly like because to me music should be about somebody’s voice, the instrumentals and the lyrics. And while some countries do this, it isn’t the standard. But I guess that this different part about the competition is some of the appeal of it.

The thing I do like is the idea behind it, especially in light of the current situation. The initial idea behind it was to unite the war torn European Countries, and right now it’s mostly themed with things like diversity and celebrating this. I honestly really appreciate this because it’s something we should be doing right now. The world and the people on it are going through a lot right now and it’s important to embrace each other and each others differences instead of fearing them or even being against them.

But one of the more negative parts of this competition is the (negative) influence politics can have on it. Countries will sometimes vote for their neighbours only because they are neighbours and other’s won’t let specific countries win because of the political movement they promote. While I can somewhat understand why this would happen I kind of think it messes with both the purpose and the competition itself. People aren’t completely rated by the talent they have, but more by the politics that are going on right now.

Still, while I’m not the biggest fan of every song (though I’ve got to say I do appreciate the talent of the act my country is sending right now) and I don’t always like the politics behind it, I’ve got to applaud the fact that we are uniting as Europe and celebrating our differences with this contest. It’s something we should do and keep doing because we are going through difficult times right now, and by standing together, I think our chances can get a lot bigger.


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