History back to the people

When I was in high school and middle school I loved history classes. I didn’t really like the learning part of it, but I liked hearing about Julies Caesar and his Roman Empire and about Napoleon and his conquest of Europe. Classes felt more like reading a book than learning. Now looking back; I know quite a lot about history, but I know a lot of events in times and who the leaders were at the time. I don’t know about it was living at the time.

When I think about World War II I think about Hitler, I don’t really know how the Germans thought of the war. Where they mad that Hitler made himself a dictator, or did they all liked him? All of history is not made by a few people, history is made by all the people living at the time. The American Revolution was not all because of Washington. he was hugely influential, but it were the American people who freed themselves.
I can understand when you go and major in History you study more how the people thought back then instead of what a few people did, but that is only if you major in History. What only a very few do. Most of us only get history as a class in middle and high school.
This is not only in history classes but also in our culture, we idolise a few people and seem to forget about the rest. We make lists of the most powerful and the richest, we watch movies with people doing the impossible. of course, some have more influence over the world than others, but we forget that they influence the people. Us the people, we choice to accept this and life with it.

We focus on the actions a few, on how they “changed” the world by themselves. When I was younger I dreamt of being such a person, on being as great as Alexander the Great, but I won’t ever be as great. I most likely be just average and accomplish nothing noteworthy for history classes generations after me. Does that mean I don’t matter? the world is made by ideas; Not by ideas of individuals, but if by the ideas of all the people living at the time. If I can influence a few ideas in a few people’s mind, I matter.


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