Getting motivated

So I’m somebody who when she gets to work, can get stuff done pretty quickly. And that’s not meant in a “OMG look at me I’m so smart way” because I know very well that I’m not the smartest person on earth or even anything remotely close to that, but more in a I just work fast and sometimes things can come a little easy way.  But a problem I can sometimes have is motivation.

Just look at schoolwork. I can easily get into this little irritating habit of procrastinating. Just got to fix this first, maybe watch one more video and here I am again, another hour wasted. And I know that’s something a lot of people ‘struggle’ with but it’s something I just don’t like. And I know I still get my work done in the end but the way it sometimes happens isn’t how I’d like it to go.

You see, a  problem you can have when things just go well even if you start at the last-minute is that you don’t try to fix it. You’ll still finish it in time and with a good enough grade but I don’t want to go for ‘good enough’. I want to make something of myself and with a study like the one I’m following (Journalism), that’s something you really got to work for. You have to get contacts, make sure you always better yourself and stand out. And in my opinion you can’t completely stand out if you just get a ‘good enough’

Because I’m a firm believer in the fact that if you really want something, you’ve got to work for it. People can accomplish a lot if they just put a little work into it and because of that I think it’s very important that you  do put a lot of work into the things you care about.

So that’s something I’ve been trying. I try to write ahead with these posts, make sure I almost always got something prepared on the day and with my work I try to start earlier than the week before. Because when I do that, I can go for perfection, or at least something close to it. When you put time into the things you do it will get so much better. And yea maybe you will still pass with less time, but don’t we owe it to ourselves to make sure we do the things we love with everything we’ve got?


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