A leader, from a pleaser to a dick.

Yesterday/today when I probably should have been sleeping, I watched this short movie from Max Joseph (link). It is about if you need to be a dick if you want to be a leader. Please watch it, it is awesome.
In the end, Max came to the conclusion that you don’t need to be a dick if you want to be a leader. You need the have these four things;
1. Accept who you are.
2. Have a fucking vision.
3. Use every trick you got.
4. except the fact that it is inevitable that you need to be a dick sometimes.

Of course, the first things I did after I watched this short movie was message my friends “Am I a dick or am I nice. Am I a leader or am U a follower.”
Naturally, most of my friends responded in the morning confused why I would massage such things at what was then 1:10 Am.
But in the end, they all agreed that I was nice. They saw me more as a follower. Not just a follower, but not yet a leader. I agreed with them for the most part, I am not sure if I am not a dick. I am a people pleaser for sure, but that doesn’t make me nice. I have lied and cheated to get things I wanted. That doesn’t make me a nice person, but it doesn’t make me a leader.

I want to be a leader, everybody wants to be a leader. Why do I want to be a leader? Because I have a fucking vision. After I finished college I want to start my own company, I want to keep expressing myself creatively; I want to help people think and act for their selfs.
How can I realise my vision? I have to be a leader.
The only problem is, I am not. I am a follower

Last year, when I ended my first year of college, I was sick of being a follower. I didn’t want to be this nice guy, that was too scared to express himself. too scared to say what he thought.
This is when I learned that I needed to be a dick sometimes and that being that isn’t bad nor is it evil. It is just saying more what you think and not always worry about how people are going to feel. So I said sometimes what I thought and I felt and it worked. People respected and sometimes even appreciated me being a dick. The only problem is, it feels wrong.
I didn’t feel comfortable, I felt rude and I felt, well, like a dick. After almost a year I still feel like a dick, but a little less.

Maybe I am not the nicest person, but neither am I a dick. I am a people pleaser, but slowly I start to help myself. If I want to realise my vision I have to become a leader.
I am not a leader, yet.


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