Dealing with stress

The last couple of weeks (and mostly this week) have been very stressful for me. In order to get all of my points this semester I had to make sure I completed all of my assignments on time and about 2 weeks ago in order to do that I felt like I almost needed to work every minute of the day (yes even when I should be sleeping)

And this leads me to dealing with stress. Because with so much on your plate, stress is a given. You have deadlines you have to get and everything needs to be in good shape as well because otherwise you did all the work for nothing.

And what I noticed these couple of weeks is that I’m quite good at dealing with this. I’ve always known that I am somebody who works well under pressure but these last couple of days I’ve really pushed my limits. And some part of me likes this. Being able to work well under pressure can be a good thing but it’s what led me to it that I don’t like.

You see, as I said in an earlier post I can be quite good at procrastinating. I always think: ‘oh… I still have a few weeks left, I can do something else today’. And this way of living isn’t good. Because it makes sure that the last week(s) of your semester will be hell, while this could have been easily avoided by just doing a little more work in the weeks before. So as a resolution for my next school year I have starting a little earlier, and making sure I spread my work over the weeks.

But for right now I just have to continue working really hard to make sure I get the grades and I complete my first year of college.


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