Maybe don’t share literal shit on Twitter.

I like social media, I like that the world is connected. The only problem I have with most Social media is that it is just text based. The reason why I find that a problem is that a lot of things you could normally use in speech you can’t use in text. You can’t use tone to tell people that you are being sarcastic, people need to understand what you mean with just the words that you are using.

A few years ago in Holland Twitter was popular. I know that it is still quite popular in Amerika and some other countries, but in Holland, only old people are on it. I had also a Twitter account, of course going with the trend.
One day I was sitting on the toilet and I was thinking to myself “Twitter is just filled with useless crap”, so I came with the idea to literally fill it with crap.

I posted a picture of my shit on Twitter.

I don’t know what I was thinking, I think I was trying to make a statement about the useless crap people share online.
But maybe sharing my poo on the Internet wasn’t the way to do it, because people didn’t get it.
The next day people walked up to me and just asked me kinda confused “why did you put a picture of your shit on Twitter?” And I had to explain why I did that.
To this day on old friends of mine sometimes ask me.
When I told people the kinda get where I came from, but they all agree that it was a literal shit post.

Since then I have this fear that whatever I write people don’t get what I mean. I have the same fear on this blog. When I say things that I meant sarcastic some people won’t understand it. Like if I write “Kike is such a twat” people will just think I think she is a twat, I don’t. Kike is a lovely human being and I am happy I can write this blog with her.

I don’t think text is the best media the spread your thoughts speech is. Not just in a video, but face to face. If you want to make people understand you have to talk to them.
I love writing, that is why I have this blog, but I am a strong believer of just having a conversation with people.


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