Pushing trough

Fear, it’s something that moves all of us. It maybe moves us different ways, but it has an impact on everybody. Just a week ago, I was on vacation with a friend of mine and we went to a karaoke bar. I’m somebody who really loves singing but who’s kind of afraid of performing in front of a crowd, and there certainly was a crowd at this bar. But performing in a karaoke bar has always been something I wanted to do, so after a lot of songs by other people (who were all very good, to make it even harder) I felt like I just had to do it. Because I wanted it, and I didn’t feel like giving fear the power of taking that from me. So I pushed trough it.

And I think that’s crux of what I’m trying to say. The thing that makes bravery to me I being scared of something but still doing it. And ofcourse this is a very simple and maybe even stupid example, but it was kind of important to me about a week ago so I felt like mentioning it.

But ofcourse there are bigger examples. People fear all kinds of things, things like a fear of spiders, other insect or a fear of heights. But people also fear bigger, more impactful things. Things like a fear of death, a fear of losing people you love or a fear of commitment just to name a few. And those could potentially impact your life.

And I’m not saying it’s wrong to let it impact you because living without fear is also a bad thing. Without fear you start to ignore or forget the consequences and that can also be a bad thing. Because sometimes, being cautious can be a good thing but I just want to tell you to not let fear rule you or your life.

Because sometimes, doing the things you fear the most, like singing in a karaoke bar or going skydiving (another weird example I know) can make you feel most alive. The feeling of pushing trough that fear and still doing something can make you feel so powerful and happy and I honestly thing that everybody should have the possibility to feel that. Because the first rule of truly living, is doing the things you’re most afraid of.


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