A little drizzle of a day

I am having a bad day right now. It is shit weather outside, which matches really well with how I am feeling, I little drizzle; it is not a disaster, but you were hoping for better weather in the summer. I am writing this piece forty minutes before I scheduled to post. Normally I would write about something that happened this week, something that affected me how I felt, but I would always end the piece with a little advice or a kind of life lessons. now I don’t know what kind of lessons could be pulled out of how I feel.

Being a little down doesn’t affect me really that much in the long scheme of things. In a month I probably won’t even remember that it even happened, but that doesn’t help me now. I am now just sitting at my desk looking at a screen and trying to type some words, I have officially vacation from my university so I don’t have any real plans for today.
Maybe it is so as it is, things happen; maybe not always for a reason, but they happen. I can still salvage some good from this day, maybe I can spend it productively.
I still have a lot I want to do, I haven’t written for my novel in a quite some time, I maybe have time to play the piano.

Yea, maybe I can salvage today. My day is not over it is far from done. It is alright that my day started kind of shitty, it is now just up to me to end it a little less shitty.


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