The right or the easy option?

So I had this sort of discussion/argument with a friend of mine some time ago. She had some trouble with another friend of mine and wanted me to share what I thought about that and essentially get involved with this problem she had with this other person. Now I’ve always been somebody who got involved, and in the middle of things to try and fix it but lately I’ve discovered more and more that this is a really bad idea for me and it’s also kind of counterproductive because my imput can also make things even more complicated.

So I tried to do the grown up thing. I said I didn’t want to get involved and honestly the reaction I got was kind of difficult. Because of course somebody wants ur help and support in things like this but I just really couldn’t help. So we got into this discussion about this. And I hated it. Because I’m not really one for confrontation.  

But instead of just saying “okay this is my opinion you should do this” etc and getting involved I decided to stick with what I wanted and I thought was right. And this helped. Sure we were not happy with each other for a little while but after a few hours we talked again and things got smoothed over. I had to do something I experienced as very difficult and something I would normally not do but in end it did help. And that honestly made me kind of happy and proud of myself.

So what I’m sort of trying to say with all of this is that sometimes you just got to do the things you don’t want to or don’t like. Even though it may be difficult in the moment if you really feel like it’s the right thing to do it will really make you feel better afterwards. And I believe the outcome will always be better if you do the right thing instead of the easy thing. So that’s what I tried and will keep trying to do.


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