To enjoy the moment

I was at this family function yesterday and honestly I was pretty much the only one my age there. My niece and nephew are 7 years younger than me and the other people closest in age to me are old enough to be my parents. And something I noticed by talking to both of them is that everybody wants to either go back or go forward in time.

Like I was talking to my 12 year old niece during dinner and in everything she did or said you could see that she couldn’t wait to grow up. She was insulted when she got the kids menu, asked me everything you can possibly think of about high school and college and even tried to order different types of food that made her look more grown up then her brother in her own eyes. 

And same with the older people, only they just want to go back. Like the sentence “oh if only I was your age” was heard quite a bit and sometimes even the dreaded “when I was young” came looking around the corner. 

And in some ways I guess I understand, because if I look at my nieces behaviour and compare it to mine when I was 12 I was exactly the same. I wanted to join the grown-ups in their grown up conversations and hated being looked at as a kid. I wanted to have a say in what I did and I always felt like I didn’t get enough of that.

And I guess that’s just and part of life. People are always either looking back or looking forward. But what I am trying to say (at the risk of sounding cliché and trying to sound wise) is that sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment your living in right now. You’re never going to be the age you are again and in the end I think every fase in your life has something beautiful about it and you have to appreciate that.


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