A little talk about mental health

Recently I was watching a video about over-sharing on mental health by one of my favourite YouTube influencers and honestly this got me to think. Because I am somebody who had to deal with people who were struggling with a mental illness and it did in some ways become a big part of my life. So I guess you could say I’m kinda invested into this subject. Because I agree, over-sharing (especially when you have a younger and impressionable audience) can be a bad thing and seen as romanticizing mental illness and that is something you should never do. But it should be discussed. (disclaimer: I’m not a professional, just a 19-year-old girl writing about something that’s important to her and sharing her opinion.)

Because honestly it’s not. It’s becoming more of an okay subject to talk about in the last couple of years but if you ask me, we’re not there yet, not by far. You see, people accept physical illness easily. There’s proof that you are sick and you can blame something else, your body. It’s not connected to your character or your mind and so you (in their eyes) cannot be blamed. But with mental illness, this is a bit more complicated. Because it is and is seen as being very connected to your mind/brain and character. It is seen as a taboo subject, bad or a flaw and so people are ashamed of it, don’t talk about it and by doing that, can get even more sick.

But what I’m trying to say with this post is that we shouldn’t. It isn’t something to be ashamed of or a flaw. It’s a sickness and it should be treated as such. It should not be ridiculed with saying like “get over it”, “you’re just making this up” or “it isn’t real”. Because it is. When you’re struggling with mental illness it’s just as much being sick as it is when your feeling physically ill. Both are important. Both are real.

And that’s why we should talk about this subject. It’s real and just as with physical illness, you sometimes need help dealing with it. Help from a friend or (sometimes) even better, a professional.  And that’s almost the conclusion of this little talk or maybe even rant I’m writing down right now. The last thing I just want to say is that it’s okay. Mental illness or health isn’t a taboo. It’s something horrific and difficult, but that doesn’t make it that you can’t talk about it, the complete opposite really, because taking helps. So if you’re dealing with something, talk about it. And I understand that that’s hard, but it could really help. By doing this you’re not a burden, you’re not flawed and you’re certainly not weak. Because by talking about things that are as difficult as this, you’re really showing how strong you really are.


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