A first aid kit for the lost

Today I feel like I have failed, today I feel a little lost. I opened my eyes today with a goal. I was confident and I had hope, but now this day is ending and my confidence and hope are gone.
I wouldn’t say that I am a person that gives up very quickly; I would say that I am a person that keeps on trying, but today felt like an ending.

Sometimes in life, you don’t get what you want; sometimes in life, you lose something that is very dear to you. Life is a series of moments all loosely connected to each other and not all those moments are good moments, some of those moments are bad.
We all know this, I don’t expect this to blow your mind, but if we all know that why do I never feel prepared for when something that hurts me happens?

I expect that if getting hurt is a normal part of life everybody has a way of dealing with the pain, but I don’t have a way dealing. I feel so ill prepared for setbacks. Sometimes I think that there is something very obvious I am missing, maybe people go to the store and buy there their mental first aid kit.
When life gives you lemons you should make lemonade, but what if I am missing my juice press.
Emily Dickinson wrote this beautiful poem “hope is the thing with feathers” and at moments like this, when I feel lost, it comforts me. As I read these sweet words about hope, I think about tomorrow and how there is hope for tomorrow. I lost today and I don’t know I can ever win this fight, but there are other fights to win. Maybe those charming words are my mental first aid kit, maybe this delightful poem is my juice press.

Today I have failed, today I feel a little lost; When I am happy I smile and when I am angry I scream, but today I feel lost and I don’t know a way to deal this strange and scary emotion. The only thing I can do today is close my eyes and know there are more tomorrows.


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