This is a weird idea, and I’m doing it

If somebody would ask me if I’m more of a thinker of doer I guess I would choose the first option. Because I am somebody who thinks a lot, sometimes even overthinks things. And in some ways I like this about myself, because I think it’s important for people to keep thinking about things. To keep up with politics, the news, the environment and other important issues and to have an opinion about them. And I do.

But what some part of me also likes is to just do something. To be like: ‘this is a weird, random and impulsive idea and I’m doing it’. Even if there could be a possibility that thinking about it a bit longer could be a great idea. I love the idea of just stepping in a train and seeing where you end up, to say I’m going on vacation to this spot tomorrow and to just do it.

And if you look back at me from about  a year or two years ago I would have never done these things. I would want to, but keep myself back because ‘you should really think about these things first’  or because it was a crazy idea. But the thing I’ve been accepting and liking more and more is that a little crazy is okay. Being normal and being smart and everything like that is important, very important, but there’s nothing wrong with the more weird and crazy parts of you, the impulsive idea’s or just even something simple like the strange quirks you have. Because those things make you special and can sometimes make the best stories.

So in the end I guess that everything is okay. If you want to consider the steps you take and make sure those are the right ones, that’s fine and if you’re more on the I’m doing it and I’ll see where I end up scale that’s good as well. All that’s important is that you’re happy with the way you are,, that you make sure you don’t hurt others with it and that you don’t do or not do something because you think it isn’t socially acceptable, be it the doing things or thinking about it side.  Because in the end, it doesn’t matter what they think. It’s about what you think, you feel and you experience.


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